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Do you know the cat with a gorgeous leopard pattern fur, which is elegantly making itself comfortable in the living room?

―――No, it is not a wild cat such as ocelot, margay or serval cat, but an authentic domestic cat breed named the Bengal cat.

Though the Bengal cat is derived from ancestral crossing of a domestic cat with an Asian Leopard Cat(Latin name; Felis Bengalensis), it is a delightfully safe pet to own, like many other domestic cat breeds; and needs neither permission to keep wild cats, special cages nor chains.

The Bengal cat is an ideal family pet, endowed with the physical features of a beautiful wild feline and the loving, dependable temperament of the domestic cat. The first three generations from the wild Asian Leopard Cat are called domestic/leopard cat crosses and are included among "foundation Bengals."  Bengals of the F-4 generation and beyond are recognized as "SBT" Bengals by the associations such as TICA, UFO, ACFA. Throughout the generations, the undesirable feral blood showing wild, timid or aggressive characteristics was thoroughly culled from the careful selective breedings.

Kelkat is not so much as a cattery, which is named just for convenience of registrations.  A born cat lover as well as wild cat fan happily happened to meet very beautiful Bengals about a year ago.  She had never seen such exquisite cats as Bengals.  It was a matter of course that she fell in love with them at a glance and did hope to own lovely Bengals by all means.  It didn't take so much time to get her female Bengal kitten, Poppy; then, a male kitten, Brave.  This Bengal enthusiast means, needless to say, myself.  At present, therefore, we have only two Bengals.  The both are loved and pampered every day as important family members.  They always give us pleasant, tender and warm feelings.  The time spent with these lovable cats is the very supreme bliss for me.  By the way, my goal about breeding has not been determined yet.  All I wish now is, first, the Bengals born at Kelkat blessed with health and wonderful purrsonality; second, all of them live happily with kind and loving family; third, those people also appreciate the happiness living with our sweet Bengals.  I'm afraid, taking advantage of the opportunity to introduce Bengals, that I might have wanted to show off my babies.  I shall be much obliged, however, if you would patiently run your eyes through the pages and come to have much closer feelings to Bengals.

Kelkat Bengals
Eri Maki
Ehime, Japan




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